Eden Bathing Beauty - Silicone Sex Doll

This Silicone Sex Doll is a premium grade product, 36kgs of solid silicone sex doll with an internal frame means this silicone sex doll can move to any position a real woman can, you could pay over £7,000 or more abroad for this silicone sex doll. She is our original sleek design. She is 5'2" tall but has the appearance of a runway model. Known for her lovely long legs and hourglass shape. She is girlish but certainly all woman. We cheated nature by an inch or so when we gave her a 22 inch waist, but it works! Not only that but we have her in stock and she is ready to despatch, she really has to be seen to be beleived, comes complete with a stainless steel neck bolt so that she can be stored upright on the rare occasion you want to spend the night alone. Alison is the finest silicone sex doll that is available in Europe and we are proud to stock the finest silicone sex dolls.

Eden's measurements are:

Top of head to Heel: 62 inches/ 5.2 feet / 157.5 cm
Shoulder Span: 15 inches / 37.5 cm
Slimmest part of waist: 22 inches / 55.9 cm
Hips: 34 Inches / 86.4 cm
Rear-end circumference: 38 inches / 96.5 cm
Breast Circumference: 34 Inches / 86.4 cm
Inseam(heel to crotch of leg): 28 Inches / 71.1 cm
Arm Length(Shoulder to top of finger): 27 inches / 68.6 cm
Circumference of Thighs: 19 inches /48.26 cm
Neck Circumference: 13.5 Inches / 34.3 cm
Length of foot(heel to big toe): 8 inches / 20.32 cm

Alison as a Silicone Sex Doll is cast in a high grade platinum silicone. It resists tearing, and has a very life-like feel. The silicone is odorless and exudes no oil. Platinum silicone is what is used for prosthetics and is absolutely entry safe. She uses our own unique design which enhances the works structural integrity.

This doll body type weighs approximately 36kgs. She is quite cooperative when she needs to be moved. Her light weight makes it easy to change her outfits. There is no need for a hanging hook. This silicone sex doll beauty moves with ease.

Each of the ( optional ) different heads is easily fitted onto the body. It is a breeze to pose our life-like heads. The eyes are adjustable. We will continue to add new heads to the line for a wide array of beautiful and unique looks. Please see the attached photographs, choose the doll's head you prefer and tell us your choice when you place your order.

This beauty has size 5 feet which are nicely arched and totally realistic in detail.

We searched far and wide to find a model with these beautifully feminine hands. They are naturally sized to her slender arms.

The mouth acts as a third entry. The teeth are soft and there is a slightly textured 7’’ inner canal. Because of the type of material we use, we don’t need to have a large and all too obvious mouth opening for the third entry to function.

Eyes are Premium Eyes, the best available.

The color can not be rubbed off of the lips.

“Perky” is a great description. She has “C” cups with ultra realistic nipples. Bra size is 34C

We have our very own method of fabrication which makes the breasts light weight and bouncy. Soft... just begins to describe them. The color cannot be rubbed off the nipples.

This silicone sex doll has a nicely rounded derriere with plenty of cushion. We use the same fabrication technique when creating the ass that we do for the breasts so as to make that booty nice and squeezable.

This is the softest and easiest to use vagina in the doll market. Ask anyone who has purchased our inserts just so they could make their other dolls usable. The life-like labias are permanently attached and are intrinsically colored to your specifications. They also have incredible surface detail. The removable insert is also made of a wonderfully soft platinum cured silicone. It has a delicate life-like inner texture and stays in place while she is having fun. The insert is then easily removable for cleaning. You may order the labias, "Thin", "Fluffy", or "Barely there".

We worked hard to keep the weight down on our piece while still retaining it’s structural integrity and range of motion. Our unique skeleton design allows the piece to be moved into a natural range of positions. There is no creaking sound and nothing to tear the silicone.The body is designed to be positioned with “play” in mind. She is not, however, able to stand on her own. The silicone, though able to stretch, is not designed for maintaining unnatural positions for extended periods of time.

Each doll is carefully packed by us with plenty of insulating foam in a custom box. We have kept the size and weight of the packaging to a minimum for your convenience. The box measures 68inches long by 17inches wide by 14inches high. It will weigh approx. 47kgs upon delivery. That is 100lbs in old money. Your silicone sex doll doll will come with a nice sexy camisole and matching thong. Also included is a "care" sheet and a "repair" tube of Sil-poxy which acts as a great adhesive. If you have any special requirements for shipping, just let us know.

Cancellation Policy;
Since we cast and color the heads as soon as you place your order no refunds are available, sorry but we hope you understand.

We thoroughly photograph each piece before we ship and as we ship from Ireland if you live in Europe you will not have to pay import duty or extra vat as we have already paid all the tax and duty on each doll. The price you see is all you pay apart from the shipping fee.

Upon delivery, we ask that you fully inspect your doll. We ask that you notify us within 3 days if you find any technical issue with your doll. We have no control over how the pieces are cared for once a piece is shipped. If there is damage due to delivery, we need to know immediately. We have yet to have any problems with our shipments, but, just in case...

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Eden Bathing Beauty - Silicone Sex Doll

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